Money Back Policy

Willing to provide our customers with quality and moderate products and positive experience of purchasing via the Internet, we are representing this Money Back policy to ensure your complete satisfaction from the purchase.

The full credit will be issued in the following cases:

  • you are not able to download the files due to our server problems,
  • you are having problems during installation which can not be resolved by our Support Team,
  • the software you have purchased does not function correctly,
  • other reason which is supposed to be essential by our Support Team.

Besides we reserve the right to reverse the transaction without prior notification in the following cases:

  • in 10-days term there were no attempts to download the files,
  • in indisputable way if we have reasons to doubt about the transaction legitimacy, etc.

The full credit will NOT be issued if:

  • you are not able to download the software due to "brain" problems,
  • your computer does not meet the minimal system requirements for the software product purchased. By making a purchase you confirm that you have read and learned the basic system requirements for the product, available on our site OR product's official site.
  • the user is unable to understand, install and utilize the software because of a lack of knowledge of the basic computer functions. All software is sold with the joint understanding that the customer possesses a basic knowledge of computer systems and software functionality.

Partial refunds cannot be issued due to technical peculiarities of the processing center.

By making a purchase the user agrees to have a general idea of the software product basic tasks and functions. DOWN.CD shall not be responsible for any damage caused by the software product due to the lack of this knowledge.

At DOWN.CD we promise that our software will perform as to your expectations, and we stand behind that promise with a money-back guarantee! All your claims please address to our Support Team at